The RBI has recently initiated the formation of its special cadre which is also known as “Supervisory and Regulatory Cadre” (SSRC). Since this announcement in the RBI Board meeting and later through an internal circular, lot of debate is going on regarding the future recruitment. We have also made an assessment about this and we present some of the probable situations based on our understanding.

Assumption 1- No change in the recruitment process.

This is the most positive expectation we can have. There won’t be any change in the process and the vacancies will be based on the actual requirement. The RBI said that the candidates have to select the option of this SSRC cadre or the CSG (the existing cadre minus the SSRC) at the time of application. The best part is that those who select the SSRC has to undergo a test (after recruitment) and if you can’t clear that test by the end of your probation then “You cannot join SSRC and you have to leave the bank”- means you are BACK TO SQUARE ONE. On the other hand, RBI has said that if you join SSRC you will get relatively quicker promotions than the CSG. Rewards are good but the risk is huge.

So, if you analyse this situation, this means if you select the SSRC there is a bright possibility that you may pack your bags after two years of glory. Secondly, the RBI says that 35% of vacancies at Gr B level will be filled from the market recruitment, and this sounds encouraging but certain part of that vacancy will surely be for SSRC (declared or undeclared, let’s assume 40% is for SSRC). In such case, any candidate placing his bets with CSG (not opting for SSRC) will fight for remaining 60% not for 100%. Candidate opting for SSRC will fight for 100% and if gets good rank he will get SSRC (in case not high rank in merit he will get CSG). In case there are no sufficient takers for SSRC the vacancy will be carried forward to the next year.

The 35% vacancies will be filled from direct recruitment from the market this means that the remaining 65% will be from the promotions of Gr A to Gr B. These Gr As are the same Assistants who were promoted in last few years. Now here is a catch that they also have to appear in a test if they select SSRC.

Assumption 2- Change in the recruitment process.

It can change at the level of education qualification, work experience or the pattern of the exam. It is possible you may see one extra paper of Banking law/Accountancy if any special talent is needed. In such a scenario many of you may be out of the race. It’s demotivating but it’s possible and never forget that in last year only RBI released a recruitment for Manager Finance with a bulky syllabus.

What you can do?

The good news is that there will be vacancy for sure, so keep working on ESI and GK. The bad news is that you don’t know what will happen till you have the exact notification. So make sure that you don’t put all your hopes on RBI this year. Kindly appear in NABARD or similar exams. 

Basically, the SSRC is a big disruption in RBI. It will surely impact the aspirants, good or bad only future can tell. But at present, SSRC looks lucrative but with certain degree of risks.

We can’t foresee anything clearly so can’t really give hopes (false hopes to be precise).

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