What are the mistakes RBI grade B aspirants make during preparation?

Here are some of points on which may be avoided during preparation.

Playing Big : Talking about big things while missing the basic inputs

A big section of aspirants always stay busy in bragging their knowledge of financial markets or monetary economics. Whereas in reality those things are needed post selection not prior to that. They create a self-satisfying circle around them and end up gathering dust in phase 1.

Content overdose: Study Economic

Phase 2 is about Economic Issues but people end up studying economics. Its good to know economics as a subject but it is certainly not needed (in -depth) for generalist exam.

Perplexed : Ability

Unsure about your own ability to do it. You think that this job is only meant for “elite” graduates while in reality it’s mostly untrue. People with analytical backgrounds and realist approach were more successful in recent years.

Thinking about Post selection scenario

A large bunch is always busy in figuring out promotion policies, remunerations, facilities etc. While in reality an aspirant shall accept a fact that “if any job is popular on a mass level and the general perception is favourable, then it is worth trying” because if you do microscopic analysis you will find black spots even in the Sun.

Wrong order of preparation

Prepare for phase I then for phase II. You can only jump on phase II once you have achieved a significant level of confidence or achieved above 95% percentile in CAT in last 1–2 year or selected in SBI/NABARD.

Setting unrealistic goals

Aspirants wants to finish everything in just 3 months or they set targets like 10 hours per day, such goals are unrealistic and most of the time never achieved. Failure to achieve such goals only lead to demotivation and withdrawal from study. Set small and achievable goals[2].

It can be done in 3 months

Some aspirants and even selected candidates suggests that 3 months are enough. But this is not applicable on everyone. Those who cleared it in “3 months” were working candidates with good track record of cracking CAT/JEE/GMAT/GRE/GATE/SBI in last few years. They were already ahead of the curve.

I prepared for CAT for an year and then appeared in this exam after a gap of 2 more years. Before exam, I barely studied for 2 months, but my background got ready with my preparation of CAT. So, I took more than a year.

But given the current trends someone with full dedication can do it in 6 months, assuming he has decent analytical skill set.

Read Ajay Pratap Singh Sisodia‘s answer to What are the mistakes RBI grade B aspirants make during preparation? on Quora

Read Ajay Pratap Singh Sisodia‘s answer to What are the Mistakes made by RBI grade aspirants while exam preparation? on Quora