UPSC CSE Mains Mocks – GS Part 3- Set 1

All questions carry equal marks. All Questions are compulsory. Minimum 200 words for each answer.

  1. Recently, there were news related with use of Artificial intelligence in stock broking. In light of this please explain
    • Role of Artificial intelligence in financial markets
    • The SEBI guidelines on Co-location
  2. Discuss
    • Different concepts of calculating national income
    •  Impact of subsidies on national income
  3. Index of Industrial Production (IIP) reflects the activity in Indian economy. Discuss, the components and latest trend of IIP.
  4. JAM was termed as the game changer in India’s quest for financial inclusion. Critically analyse, efforts of Government along with of Reserve Bank of India to deliver financial inclusion.
  5. In recent general elections, a term ‘Universal Basic Income’ was in the news. Critically analyse the idea of having this approach and its impact on financial inclusion.
  6. Agriculture extension services are essential for achieving the target to double farmer’s income by 2022. Analyse the role of Krishi Vigyan Kendra and Indian Council of Agriculture Research in the area of agriculture extension.
  7. On one hand modern and mechanised agriculture is taking place while on the other hand some communities are still preserving the indigenous ways of farming. Discuss these indigenous practices and their relevance in context of sustainable development. 
  8. This western state of India is known for its xerophytic vegetation and low precipitation. This has propelled development of mixed farming in this region. Discuss development of mixed farming with animal rearing as a major part with reference to desert and hill area of India.
  9. Critically analyse the role of Food Corporation of India in maintaining buffer stock of certain agriculture produces. Also, highlight the possibility of private investment in this sector.
  10. Public-Private partnership is often termed as a marriage of two contrasts. Why?
  11. Discuss the chronology of land reforms in India with specific reference to digitization of land records.
  12. India has initiated use of space technology as a tool of foreign policy. With this briefing, discuss
    • Achievements of Indian space program in last decade.
    • Need for having a space station.
  13. Briefly discuss
    •  The role of Indian peacekeeping forces.
    • BSF
    • CISF
    • Border Road organisation
  14. Organised crime syndicate is the bed rock of terror groups. Analyse this statement with the role narcotics trade in India.
  15. Underline the role of Urban Forestry in environment protection. Also, discuss measure taken by local governments and NGOs with specific examples.
  16. Densely populated cities with high rise building are prone to outbreak of fire. Discuss the standard practices for fire safety in buildings and suggest some additional measures.
  17. Reserve Bank of India is constantly pursuing localisation of data by payment service providers. What is the necessity? Discuss in light of national security.
  18. Discuss
    • United Nations global counter terrorism strategy
    • Role of Financial Intelligence Unit in countering terrorism
  19. Protecting farmer against the vagaries of nature is the most important challenge. Describe in brief, efforts of the Government through various schemes to protect farmer’s income.
  20. Renewable energy resources are bound to be the fuel for long run. Analyse India’s status in the field of solar energy, government schemes, finance to this sector and challenges.

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