rbi grade b strategy

Three-month strategy for RBI Grade B

No strategy is useful till it is successful…

This strategy is based on the assumptions like – you have 5 to 8 hours a day and you have basic understanding of competitive examinations.

Phase 1

Join any Test series for Phase 1-Attempt any 10-15 tests in one month.

How to analyses your phase 1 attempts-

  1. How many I did were right?
  2. How many I did were incorrect? – Think; Why?- Mostly it is due to guess work?
  3. How many solvable questions I could do but was not able to attempt due to shortage of time? – Find those, always.
  4. What type of questions I do wrong on a frequent basis? – Just stay away from them next time.
  5. What type of questions I find very easy? – Try and reduce the time you take to solve.
  6. How many questions out of my guess work were right? – Do guess, only if it is profitable.

For phase 1- a dedicated preparation of 1 month is needed.

Phase 2-

Start with English

Type an Essay on any random topic every week. Better to pick up ideas from The Hindu or Business Line Editorials. Keep the auto-correct off.  Try and Summaries editorials from the press. Do it once a week.  Make it a habit as English is the game changer. If you don’t get 70 marks in English, you may not make it to the final list.


Use free material and club with any management book like PC Tripathi/LM Prasad. Prepare topic wise from websites like management paradise or LPU. Try and remember theories and other quantitative information. R Gupta’s book for UGC NET management also a good source for objective (MCQ based) tests. A full shot of 15-20 days is needed. Focus on key words.

Finance and Economics

Build your basics from Free material and books like Bharti Pathak. Don’t overdo these things.

Build your financial and economic awareness through newspapers and freely available study materials. There is no specific preparation needed for ESI except current affairs. So, spend a decent amount of time on that. Probably one entire month is needed to be spent for covering 3-6 months of current affairs related to Indian Economy and Financial world. You should also attend phase 2 related tests for testing your skills. Don’t overdo RBI Website. If time permits prepare for numerical. Base line strategy for Finance and ESI is to have a tight grip on Economic Affairs.

Dedication will the key difference.

The one line strategy will be “limit your sources”

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