RBI Grade B 2019- Interview Inputs

Interview preparation for RBI is specific to every person but here are the few things which you can try. In general you need to prepare about Self, Environment and Unknown.

Answering about self

This is by far the most common, repetitive and most predictable section. However, it is the same section where most of us fumble. It is expected of you that you should be able to explain your persona in a lucid manner. It is also the most important section for creating an impression on the interview panel. Often, It has been seen that people are not even sure about their hobbies, likes or dislikes. This puts you in a bad light because this shows a lack of clarity in the thinking process.

What you can do?

You shall try and develop a self-assessment form based on common but expected queries like about your personal life, about your education, reasons for a gap in education, common information about your city/state/your regional culture. For example, suppose if you are an Agriculture graduate, working in a bank as an Agriculture Field Officer belongs to Chittorgarh (Rajasthan) and have been participating in various extra-curricular activities like NCC and Sports; some expected questions are.

  • Why RBI after B.Sc? In what ways your B.Sc (Agri) will be helpful in Monetary policy formulation or bank inspection? Do you know about Haldighati? Or, What was the birth year of Maharana Pratap?
  • What is the purpose of NCC?
  • What are the problems faced by farmers in getting credits?

You shall prepare a list of such questions based on your assessment and prepare logical and true answers.

Answering about the Environment?

Environment means the requirement of the job you have applied for. And, in the case of RBI you are supposed to be aware of common terminologies related to money and banking, common economic scenario, sock market, currency Markets, basic of monetary policy, what is happening in the international arena, news related to RBI, etc. To have a command over this overnight study won’t help you. You are supposed to develop this over a span of 8-12 months. Some expected questions for this year are-

  • Your understanding of the economic capital framework?
  • Trade war in US-China and its impact on India?
  • Green financing?
  • How banks merger will help?
  • Your understanding of banking frauds?
  • Why the transmission of monetary policy is slow in India?
  • Customer grievance portal of RBI?
  • NBFC crisis and RBI efforts?

And many more, difficult to list all topics.

All these topics may be prepared in the below mentioned manner.

What is the topic> how it is impacting us> What GoI/RBI has done so far> What is your opinion?

Answering the Unknown?

In an interview, you will always find some question of which you know the answer and you expected that too; never fumble on such questions they are the life savers. On the other hand, there will be some questions which are totally alien to you and you can’t even guess the answer to those. So it advisable that you only think about what you know rather than fear about what you don’t know? Accept this fact that there will be some questions which you will not be able to answer.

Situations in an Interview


Try to look good in an interview. Let the interviewer believe that you feel that it is one of the most important day of your life and you have dressed up to the occasion.

Verbal Communication

If you not comfortable in speaking English at a length then you can try the mirror conversation technique. It gives you a certain amount of confidence.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mirror.jpg
be loud.

Just stand in front of a mirror and practice your introduction and answers of the expected questions in loud voice. The voice should be loud enough so that you can hear it clearly. It will help in releasing some of your anxiety. The alternative method is to join any mock interview or having conversation with friends.

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