job profile of RBI Assistants

Job Profile of RBI Assistants !

RBI started recruiting Assistants again in 2012 after a pause of almost 10 years. The assistants belong to Class III cadre of RBI staff. They report to Gr A/B and occasionally to Gr C Officer also. The approximate in hand salary of an Assistant is around 40-45 thousand per month plus bank also provide housing in most cases. However, if the whole package is added then it comes to around Rs.7-7.5 lac per year. Let’s discuss the job responsibilities of RBI Assistants.

  1. Administrative works- They handle all the administrative work related to travel arrangements, payments of bills, maintenance of record, destruction of record, despatch of letters etc.
  2. Department specific works like maintenance of various databases, off-site monitoring banks and NBFCs, IT support services, background work for financial inclusion programs, managing cash counters etc.

The primary role of an assistant is to “assist” his manager in delivering the task which can be anything from handling of customer complaints to Inspection of banks. This job has fix working hours ( overtime allowance is paid for extra hours) and limited accountability. Till you are assistant you get posting in your home state. Plus, you get a privileged pass (departmental exam) to become Gr A in next 3-4 years with virtually no competition (in comparison to open market recruitment). A person joining as an Assistant at the age of 22-23 can become Gr B by the age of 29, which effectively puts him way ahead of Gr B (Direct) officer who are joining at the age to 29-30 or even more.

In short, best alternative of Probationary officers (with less than 2-3 years of service), and many other hectic jobs. It’s a cool and composed job which has small bit of everything.

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