interview IBPS PO Pankaj Biswas

Interview with IBPS PO Topper – Pankaj Biswas

Team : First off all many congratulations on your much deserving success in IBPS PO exam. What was the reaction of your family and friends?

Pankaj : Thanks a lot.. My parents were very happy and satisfied when they heard that I was selected as a Probationary Officer.. And my friends congratulated me.. I felt like I have achieved something meaningful.

Team: Can you share a brief profile of yours like your family background, School and College education. Any work experience?

Pankaj: I was born and brought up in a small town in Bankura district in West Bengal. My father works in health sector. And I had Had completed my schooling from my native place in Bengali medium. Later completed my engineering degree in computer science. I am currently working at LIC as an assistant.

Team: Attempts in IBPS Exam. How difficult it was for you ?

Pankaj: It was my second attempt.. Previous year I missed ibps po final cutoff by a whisker and was disappointed.. And I was more determined this time and finally cracked it. 

Team: Any other exam you are preparing or waiting for results? Your career goals ?

Pankaj : I would like to be an RBI Grade B officer one day. It would really be a dream come true if I can get chance to work at the central bank of our country.

Team: Your strategy for success in this exam?

Pankaj: The idea was to keep it simple. First clear the basic and then simply practice. I did a lot of mock tests and analysed them in detail. Join any test series whichever you can afford and practice as much as you can. For current affairs i had referred to GK today and affairs cloud. The Economic affairs volumes of were useful during interview.

Team: Your marks in IBPS PO exam?

Pankaj: I Got 90.5 in ibps po mains and 65 in mains.

Team: Which bank has been allotted to you?

Pankaj: Allahabad Bank (currently Indian Bank)

Team: Any specific hobbies you have?

Pankaj: Playing cricket has always been the hobby. That aside, I love to read books on various topics whenever I have time

Team: Tips for interview?

Pankaj: A lot of things matter in interview.Your attitude is everything.You need to be presentable enough and answer politely and calmly whatever question is thrown your way.. You just need to be clear on what you want to portray.

Team: Your interview experience.

Pankaj: Had an elderly panel. They greeted me. First they asked me conceptual questions on various banking topics which I answered well. Later they shifted to more specific questions like history of banking and all that.They asked me about hobbies, experiences, family background etc.Enjoyed the interview process and I never panicked to give honest answers. 

Team: Why Banking as a career choice?

Pankaj: In banking, you get a huge exposure.You can serve the needy people. Banks are the pillar of the financial system of our country. You get to implement the various schemes of the government in the ground level. 

Team: Your message to aspirants ?

Pankaj: Just be focused, don’t lose the motivation, keep working and success will be yours one day.

We wish Pankaj a very best for his future endeavours in commercial banking and in his efforts to become a central banker.

Pankaj can be reached through his facebook