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How RBI Grade B 2019 Tricked You?

Since the much awaited and highly debated prelims and mains of the RBI Grade B 2019 has already over. Some of you might already have started preparing for Interviews and some of you might be keeping your fingers crossed. The RBI Exam this year has tricked you in some ways. Let us discuss what is our assessment.

Preliminary Exam

The Exam can be termed as moderate to easy in sections like English, Quants and General Awareness. While, it was tricky in the case of Reasoning. The expected cut off is 119 out of 200 after normalisation. Let’s see what was new this year:

  1. Sectional timing.
  2. Easy Quants while difficult Reasoning.
  3. Fact based absolutely absurd General Awareness questions.

Our review: The easy and rather stupid questions in General Awareness could be a reason of heartburn for the sincere candidates who were preparing for many years. The low standard quality of questions in quants has also diluted the advantage to Engineers.  Overall, the paper was Easy but it sprang a surprise as now you can easily say that you have to read every possible junk that is happening around. The idea is to select the most aware rather than the most intelligent.

RBI Grade B 2019 Phase II analysis

  1. Economic and Social Issues – The exam of 2019 can be termed as test of mental toughness, logical interpretation of answers and the depth of your preparation. Some questions were surprising as they came from Indian Polity which was not expected despite Indian Political System was a part of the syllabus. It seems the idea behind this test was to identify the best reader of any news  item rather than the best memorizer.
  2. Finance and Management –  The Finance section was moderate to easy. With lot of fact/concept based questions in Finance, it has bucked the trend of last few years. In past, lot of interpretive questions from news items were being asked.  Apart from that, with no numerical being asked in Finance paper of this year. This has vindicated our stand that Numerical were never as important as it was termed by most of the training institutions. It is believed that fear of numerical were used to sell their stuff (overpriced) which was not even part of the syllabus. In the Managements section, the paper has followed the historical trend and a large number of direct information based questions were asked. The reason for avoiding the interpretive questions is to negate the possibility of legal trouble emanating out of difference in interpretation of answers.
  3. English– It has followed the trend of last few year however, the topic of Essays were out of the box and hence, it is believed that the RBI services board is using the test of English as a test of your overall knowledge over and above your command on the language. There were instances of people not able to attempt the full paper suggesting that it was tough for certain section of students. However, still the overall rating was easy to moderate.

Our Review

The test of ESI and Essay will be the game changer in final selection. The Phase 2 tested Knowledge (ESI), Facts and Concepts (Finance) , Memory ( Management) and Communication (Offbeat Essay topics). In our view, while the phase 1 tested the breadth (variety) of your knowledge the phase 2 evaluated the depth (understanding) of your knowledge.

Cutoff Prediction for mains- (Bottomline scores – ESI- 55-6, FM- 65, English- 60-62), Overall- 210

What one should do for RBI 2020?

  • Focus on core knowledge – spend first 4 months on this.
  • Spend next 4 months on test series and all other current affairs.
  • Develop your ability to read various schemes, reports and financial dailies. Superficial knowledge will take you nowhere.
  • It is not a bank PO exam and It is also not a UPSC back up. Dedicated preparation is required.

Ask yourself the following questions ?

  • What was wrong with your preparation in case you were not selected?
  • How much money you are suppose to spend on material provided by coachings which proved to be worthless this year? Read more about how coachings create a thinking pattern and hog your ability to think logically.
  • Do you really have that josh and desire in you to slog for one more year in light of few failed attempts earlier?

Thanks for reading. The author can be reached at maggubhai121@gmail.com