rbi grade b 2021

Change in RBI Grade B Pattern : What you can do in next one month

RBI has released its latest notification today for recruitment of RBI Grade B Generalist/DEPR/DSIM candidates. On one hand this time the vacancy is the highest ever (270 seats) on the other the syllabus change gave a shock to all aspirants. Let’s discuss major changes and how you can deal with them.

Major changes:

  1. Interview weightage increased from 50 marks to 75 marks
  2. Ethics related syllabus included
  3. Mains paper (FM and ESI) are now 50% descriptive
  4. 60% criteria in class 10 and 12 removed.
  5. Introduction of psychometric test for screening out
  6. Change in syllabus of Management

Our opinion :

It was a much sought-after change as it will end the bias towards guess work and shallow coaching-based knowledge. Inclusion of 50% descriptive test will give fair amount of change to people who had knowledge but never had a great memory.  It will be first of kind paper in the country where psychometric test was introduced for selection of policy makers. Now the main issue is that psychometric test can’t really be prepared as it checks your long-standing personality and your ability to take up leadership positions. The removal of 60% in class 10 and 12 will help many candidates from rural background. The change in syllabus of Management won’t make much difference although RBI has this time made it more contemporary.

How to tackle these changes:

This year due to its shock value the examination pattern will create massive changes in the selection profile. So, how to get the maximum benefit of this without getting confused.

  1. The syllabus has not changed except inclusion of Ethics. So, you can simply start doing some typing practice, if someone was doing it for English, then he will have an advantage. The best way to do is by selecting topics and related questions. We shall be giving mock test and question bank of important question through our website. Descriptive answer writing will be provided to the subscribers.
  2. No need to fear the change in pattern, it is a change for everyone not just for you. It gives level playing field to everyone. If you were studying then believe in your ability.
  3. Keep your head high. Sometimes limited amount of information can give you advantage. 
  4. Collect important articles like Arth Volumes and PIB Updates as a fodder material. RBI tends to ask only current affairs based descriptive questions. Never try and do static material at this juncture as it will only confuse you to the core because of its vastness.
  5. There is a very high possibility that in the subjective portion you may find “opinion-based questions” where you must give your opinion. This is a guess because the previous pattern was not able to test “ability to think”.  Make list of topics and work on them.
  6. Work for psychometric test using SSB (NDA/CDS) material. Use UPSC ethic material for Ethics part.

If we summaries it

Things to do

  1. Read editorials and newspapers and develop opinion. Though can’t be done overnight.
  2. Keep on doing what you were doing.
  3. Write (type) answers everyday

Things not to do-

  1. Don’t experiment now
  2. Anxiety

You can check previous year papers to get some idea.

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