Management Study material for RBI/SEBI/NABARD Exams

The below mentioned link contains downloadable supplements issued in 2018/19. It can be very helpful in exams like RBI, SEBI and NABARD. Chapter 1 – Nature and Scope of Management Chapter 2- Management Functions Chapter 3- Leadership Chapter 4- Human Resource Development Chapter 5- Training and Development Chapter 6- Motivation Chapter 7- Communication Chapter 8- …

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maggubhai test series

Pariksha Vol 5 (Management Minis)

MCQs on Basic Principles of Management Q. 1     A thinker who relates productivity with human behaviour –             a. Taylor             b. Mayo             c. Fayol             d.  None of the above Q.2      Who among them does not belong to the Behavioural and Human Relations Approaches of management?             a. Abraham Maslow             b. …

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Pariksha Vol 2- Management

Q. 1     What are the functions of management?             a. Planning             b. Controlling             c. Leading             d. All above Q.2      Which one among them does not defines the ‘Nature of Management’?             a. It’s a process             b. It’s an individual Activity             c. It’s an art             d. It’s leadership Q.3      …

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HRD For RBI Gr B – Part 1

This supplement includes – Human Resource Development: Concept of HRD; Goals of HRD; Performance Appraisal – Potential appraisal and development – Feedback and Performance Counselling. Download here

how to motivate

How managers can motivate

Employees’ performance has been established to be directly related to employees’ motivation. Employees are parts of the human resources, the most important factor of any organisation. Employees’ successful motivation will add value to the organisation. Employees are the building blocks of an organization. Organizational success depends on the collective efforts of the employees. The employees …

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