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Hey folks ! So finally the wait is over and the vacancy, much larger than your expectation is here and now it’s time for all of us to prepare without wasting too much of time on strategizing. Here are the 10 points which could be useful for your preparation.

Focus on practice

For most of the working souls, the idea of study is often terrifying, but this has its own challenges, so joining any test series is a good idea. The exam mode gets going once you start practicing for the exam. Use any good mock test series which shall ideally challenge your abilities and ignite thinking.

Input vs Output

We have a tendency that we spend lot of time in collecting books and materials, specially, if someone has started preparing recently. In the end, we spend lot of time in useless activity which gives less returns. Ideally, we shall limit our resources and try to read each and every thing we have. You have less time and your focus should be on making your every minute count.

Prelims or Mains

Whole year aspirant think about mains, however, a very big chunk of them, around 90% will not be able to clear prelims. The ideal way is to keep a balanced approach between both phases of the exam. Newly recruited bankers and CAT aspirants will not find it very difficult but those who are out of practice are going to face difficulty in phase 1.

How to approach Prelims

With introduction of sectional cutoffs, you have to be good in all sections of prelims. Previously, people used to increase their scores by devoting more time to reasoning and quants by quickly finishing GK. Now, this advantage has gone and now this can also lead to some frustration during the exam; this can also result in some wrong attempts consequently negative marking. There is no replacement of practice but do it in a systematic manner. Always practice with a stopwatch , it helps in conditioning your brain. Try to practice in noisy and non-clam environment because you never know what type of environment will be there at the exam centre. In prelims, the main challenge is managing your composure and deliver the best. We believe the time distribution in exam may be like English: Quants: Reasoning: GK = 20:20:40:40 , so while practicing the same may be followed.

Plan your next two months

October is filled with holidays on account of festivals. Those who are working in any government organisation shall plan accordingly. Club your leaves with holidays and get a longer spell of leave in October. Afterwards, you can take another spell of leave without mixing it with holidays once the season is over. Tell your boss clearly and ask for his/her support. The problem starts when we apply leaves by giving some fictitious reason and then ask for NOC. Phew!

Please inform your organisation clearly otherwise it may create issues at the time of interview or even after selections. It relieves you of unnecessary pressure.

What sources we shall refer?

There is no such optimal answer to this question, but, a mix of one business newspaper along with one national newspaper, some standard books and a test series will be helpful. You can also refer the list we have posted in one of our previous post- most important books for RBI Grade B.

What are our common mistakes ?

No background study, no analysis of past trends, over emphasis on finance etc. are some of the common mistakes. For detailed analysis you can read this post- 10 common mistakes we do while preparing for RBI Gr B.

How to stay motivated ?

Find a reason to get this job. It could be simply love for central banking, or it could be something like proving a point to someone or self. If you have a reason esp., a positive reason you will find motivation without much efforts. Keep a picture of RBI building or any selected officer which can constantly remind you of your goal.

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I don’t have time ?

Stop using this phrase again and again. You are not busy as you pretend to be. Push your body to work hard. Tell your wife/husband to take care of kids and other household activities, in case you get selected their lives will also get a drastic positive change. Try to get up early, no netflix, and less social media. Stop finding hurdle, if you are married and you have responsibilities, or you are poor and don’t have money, or you are just lazy…these are just self created reasons for not working hard.

Is it a life goal ?

No, it should not be your life goal. This is a good job but all of you will not get selected and this is certainly not a criteria to judge individual brilliance. Do smart preparation, don’t overdo things. This just a phase of life, enjoy it with no ( or less) expectations. In the end, if you look back you should not blame yourself for not giving your 100%. Efforts matters.


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